Cecile De France Cute Teeth

When it comes to people with gap teeth, sometimes the added width can be very distracting and a little bit unappealing, however for many men and women, like Cecile De France, the gap can be quite adorable and very attractive.

Anna Paquin Gapped Teeth

Anna Paquin is a sensationally talented Canadian born actress, featured on the television series True Blood and in the movie She's All That and The Piano.

Anna Paquin is yet another beautiful starlet with a cute little gap between her front teeth, which is a bit wider than most of the gaps we've featured in the past, however she wears it very well. Stunning beauty!

Clint Howard Gapped Teeth

Well if it isn't legendary B-list movie actor, Clint Howard, sporting fabulous smile while showing off his tremendous teeth gap. Fun fact, did you know he is the brother of actor, director and opie taylor, Ron Howard? However i don't think Ron was blessed with the same gap.